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When you want to capture every special life moment and record it for all time, a dedicated camcorder is the way to go. Use them to record school and sporting events, weddings and special occasions, and don't forget baby's first words and first steps. At Sam's Club®, we have both analog and digital camcorders to suit the needs of amateur and professionals alike.

Digital Means Versatile

When you purchase a digital camcorder, not only do you get great video and audio images, but you also get the ability to easily edit, publish and share your recordings. These are valuable features for videographers of all skill levels.

Resolution is Key

Your images are only as good as the available resolution of your camcorder camera. Whether you are looking at still or moving images, the higher the resolution the better. For best results, look for an HD camcorder that offers a powerful zoom function combined with high-resolution sensors for the crispest images both up close and from a distance.

Brand Recognition

When looking for any kind of camera, search for a reputable brand. These come with tried and true technologies and extensive warranties as well. At Sam's Club, we feature Canon cameras as well as options from several other brands like Sony, GoPro and more, all at member's-only pricing so you save on the quality equipment you want.

Accessorize Your Camcorder in Style

Once you've selected the best camcorder for your needs, be sure you have the needed accessories to go along with it. A sturdy protective case should be your first concern. One of these will allow you to keep your gear safe while traveling or just when you store it away between sessions. Straps and mounts can keep you from having to hold your device during a long game or extended recording times. Memory cards, lens cleaners and spare batteries are all accessories to consider to complement your gear.

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