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Butter & margarine

Butter & Margarine at Sam's Club

If you love to cook and bake at home, chances are good that you have at least a couple of sticks of high-quality butter in your refrigerator right now. When you're doing your grocery shopping at Sam's Club®, be sure to buy butter online and replenish your supply. In addition to great butter prices, you'll also find a variety of flavored butter, spreadable butter and margarine.

Butter vs. Margarine

The main difference between butter and margarine is where the fat content comes from. Butter is made from animal fat (cow's milk or cream, which is churned into the creamy product we know as butter) while margarine is made from vegetable oils and has added flavors to make it taste buttery. Margarine often comes in a tub and is spreadable, which is extremely convenient if you like to be able to use it straight from the fridge. Whipped varieties of butter and margarine often has fewer calories than their non-whipped counterparts. Both butter and margarine may be used for baking (if using margarine, the sticks work best for baking), but be sure to check the recipe you're using, because there are exceptions.

Gourmet Butter

You may have heard the saying, “everything is better with butter.” If you've ever had a piece of plain bread, then tried the same piece with a bit of gourmet butter on top, you'll probably agree: it's hard to argue with that statement. There are a few reasons to consider buying butter in bulk from Sam's Club®. Maybe you're in charge of ordering for a restaurant, bakery or other type of commercial kitchen. If you go through a large amount of butter every week, you'll want to make sure you always have plenty on hand. Of course, Sam's Club® offers several salted and unsalted varieties, as well as butters flavored with honey, garlic and more. Pick up a few different varieties, or experiment by mixing butter with some of your favorite seasonings to create your own flavors.

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