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Business & index card filing

Business & Index Card Filing

Sam’s Club® carries a variety of business and index card filing systems to help you stay organized.

Types of Business and Index Card Filing Tools

Business card holders are an important organizational device for those who encounter many business associates or service professionals. With these business card books or file boxes, you can store business cards however you wish, such as alphabetically or sequentially, keeping the cards protected and helping you find a particular one when needed.

The classic rotary file is an office essential as it can be placed on your desk and helps you store contacts alphabetically. You can flip through each individual or business card easily with this system, with cards that can snap in and out of the tubular frame.

Card file boxes, like those by Oxford, help you neatly store thousands of business or index cards. Each box has a lift-off lid, a label slot for easy identification and a follower block that holds cards upright.

Choosing Business and Index Card Files

At Sam’s Club, we want to make sure you purchase the business and index card filing system that works best for your needs. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure you buy the correct filing system.

If you are an individual involved in business and encounter many associates, you may need a Rolodex to keep track of basic contact information, or you may prefer business card holders to organize the business cards your acquaintances and co-workers have given you. To organize index cards, recipes, photographs or other important papers, card file boxes are a great tool to keep these items neat and categorized.

No matter what type of business and index card file you prefer, you are sure to find what you need at Sam’s Club.

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