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When you think of flowers, which one pops into your mind first? Most likely, it’s a rose. It might even be a red rose. It’s true that roses are one of the world’s most beloved flowers, and for good reason. They’re simply spectacular and just about everyone loves roses. If you’re looking to purchase roses for a loved one, or for a special event like a wedding or party, you’ve come to the right place. Sam’s Club® offers a large variety of high-quality roses, and they’re so easy to order. Have a bouquet shipped directly to someone you love, or even better—show up and deliver them personally.

100 Roses

If you want to make a grand romantic gesture, we have just the thing. Sure, you could give your beloved a dozen roses, or even two dozen. But if you really want to get a “wow” response, or set the scene to pop a very special question, go ahead and deliver 100 roses. Who would be able to resist? When you order 100 roses, you could split them up into multiple bouquets and place them all over the room and then light lots of candles. Go ahead, set the scene for the most romantic night of your life with 100 roses and a generous sprinkling of flower petals.

Why Sam’s Club for Bulk Roses?

When you buy roses in bulk from Sam’s Club, you are getting an incredible selection of high-quality blooms along with members-only pricing. You will you find every imaginable color, from light pink and friendly yellow roses to shocking and dramatic novelty roses. There’s even a rainbow rose that will absolutely amaze you. Sam’s Club also has pre-made wedding bouquets made with roses and there are lots of options for flowers for fundraising, too. Once you’ve purchased roses online from Sam’s Club, you’ll come back again and again.

Rose Colors

When you think of romantic flowers, it’s almost always red roses. Red roses the most popular, especially around Valentine’s Day. Red signifies love and passion. Fully-bloomed red roses can signify lasting love, while budding, red roses are a symbol of new love. Want to show a friend how much you care? Send yellow roses. You may also send yellow roses as an expression of sympathy or to congratulate someone for a job well done. Going to a graduation party? An armful of yellow roses would be most welcome. If you are looking for wedding roses, you might consider white roses. White roses are popular for bridal bouquets. They symbolize unity, sincerity, loyalty, purity, and love. White roses are sometimes mixed with red roses to emphasize love.