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Festive Pompons in Bulk

Pompons burst with energy making it the perfect stem selection for those young or young at heart. Sam’s Club can make your shopping process simple allowing you to choose by varietals, sizes, and colors. Whether you wish to send a joyous gift for a birthday, anniversary, special event, or holiday you can find an appropriate bulk pompon bouquet.

When sending flowers it’s important to have fun making your selection! Daisy style pompons feature a dark center with small, thin rounded leaves jetting out. Mostly found in yellows and purples, the Daisy Pompons are warm and friendly flowers that will remind the recipient just how much you care. Traditional pompons, found in yellow or white, can be selected in 45 stem bouquets for every one on your list.

Bulk Cushion Pompons easily fill a vase adding depth and character to the arrangement. Sam’s Club offers Cushion Pompons in yellow, pink, or white with stem lengths of 60cm. If you want to send a whimsical message, choose from tinted or Innie-Outie Disbuds. Tinted Pompons pop with neon colors while the Innie-Outie Disbuds feature white center petals with pink, yellow, purple, and green shading along the tips.

Although many options are playful, pompons can also be an elegant selection for floral gifts. Euro Pompons in warm fall colors are ideal gifts to celebrate the new season, wish a colleague good luck or any other occasion in-between.

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