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Lilies in Bulk

The gift of flowers is a long-standing tradition during times of joy and times of sorrow. When searching for an elaborate gesture, turn to Sam’s Club bulk lilies in 50, 80, or 150 stems sure to make a lasting impression. The fresh white hue of a Calla Lily, the vibrant pinks of the Starfighter or the whimsical blooms of the Alstroemeria are breathtaking gifts regardless of the quantities you send.

Sam’s Club offers an amazing assortment that captures all colors and shades within the lily family. Bulk lilies in oranges, yellows, pinks, and purples can be ordered with ease and delivered to your recipient. Starting at a little over two dozen flowers and ranging to totals in the hundreds you can find a floral gift for everyone on your list.

Part of the fun is selecting a lily suitable for the event! Consider choosing by bloom style or their favorite color for a thoughtful present. The Asiatic lilies feature longer petals that come to a curved point and easily add depth and life to the bouquet. Much like the Asiatic version, the Starfighter also features a larger bloom in the traditional pink ranging from deep shades to delicate hues.

Finding assorted bulk lily stems is also simple when shopping with us online. From romantic bouquets to lively explosions of bright tones you can select a fresh lily bouquet your special someone is sure to enjoy and appreciate.

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