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Fillers & greenery

Floral Arranging with Fillers & Greenery

Fillers and greenery are the unsung heroes of most floral bouquets. The flowers are the stars, of course, but without fillers and greenery to fill in those unsightly gaps, your floral arrangements just don’t look quite right. You’ll find all the best bulk fillers & bulk greenery at Sam’s Club, everything from gypsopilila and gypsophila to leatherleaf. You’ll also find delphinium, hypericum and more. Simply look over the Sam’s Club catalog and find the type of greenery and filler you need. You’ll see plenty of bulk options so you can easily get as much as you want for your floral display.

Although if you buy your flowers at Sam’s Club, you’ll get them at a great price, buying flowers in bulk can still add up. It’s foolish to spend a great deal of money on flowers and then not buy the greenery and filler you need to make it look its best. Sam’s Club makes it easy to buy your filler and greenery so that all your floral bouquets and arrangements look great every time, so check out the Sam’s Club greenery and filler selections and place your order today.

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