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Bulbs & dormant plants

Flower Bulbs, Dormant Plants & More

Blooming bulbs like daylilies, oriental lilies and cannas will fill your garden with beautiful and colorful flowers. These plants are excellent for cut flowers so you can bring the beauty of your garden inside. Sam’s Club also carries other blooming dormant plants and bulbs such as peonies, hollyhock, agapanthus and gladiolas. All of these plants boast colorful and fragrant blooms that will last for a long time in your garden or as cut flowers in your home. Some dormant plants and bulbs do not flower but are still very beautiful. With lush foliage, hostas are ideal for borders and are also great for landscaping in larger areas as they can grow quite large and require very little maintenance. Some varieties of hostas even have variegated or colorful leaves so planting more than one type of this plant in your yard will make a visual impact.

Another type of dormant plant or bulb that does not bloom is called Elephant Ears because of their large leaves whose shape resemble the ears of elephants and these fast growing plants are perfect for filling large spaces because of the size of their foliage.

Whether you are looking for flowering plants or green foliage, you can find many different varieties of dormant plants and bulbs at your neighborhood Sam’s Club or online at The sales team in the garden center can also help you to find the right plants for your yard based on the sun exposure and type of soil so you will be sure to have a beautiful garden all spring and summer long.

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