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Buffets & cabinets

Buffets and Cabinets

Finish the look of your dining room with some pieces from our buffet furniture selection. With these buffets and servers, you’ll be able to neatly organize your dinnerware along with other serving items. And, you'll have space for serving food. At Sam’s Club®, our buffets and sideboards are available at members-only prices so you can save money while shopping for high-quality goods.

Styles of Buffets

Our large selection of dining and kitchen buffets range from dark wood and traditional designs to sleek whites with a contemporary flair. All of these styles are wonderful options for displaying your favorite cutlery and china. They can also match a variety of decor.


At Sam’s Club, we also have many different buffet server cabinets. These cabinets are especially good at displaying china, and can also be used for wine and personal memorabilia. In addition to considering these full-length cabinets, you might want to think about a bar console that allows you to serve drinks on its countertop while also storing wine and champagne bottles underneath.


When purchasing a new buffet cabinet or any other type of buffet server furniture, be sure to measure your existing space first to ensure a proper fit. You may want to take into consideration any doors or tight turns you’ll need to get through when bringing your new purchase home.


Like all of our other furniture, the buffets and cabinets we stock come from top brands. You’ll find in our selection products from names such as Lauren Wells, SEI and New Age Products.

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