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Briefcases & catalog cases

Briefcases, Catalog Cases & More

Briefcases and catalog cases can be a crucial element in your business. If your job ever requires you to carry important documents from place to place, you don’t want to trust those documents to a backpack or duffel bag, or worse yet, carry them exposed in your hands. They can be lost, damaged or stolen, and even if they arrive safely at their destination, they may be so disorganized that you cannot produce the item you need when you need it. Great cases let you avoid all of these problems.

When you’re shopping for catalog cases at Sam’s Club, be sure to look carefully over your options, as you’re sure to find a case that meets your specific needs. We offer catalog cases made of long wearing vinyl coated fabric, wheeled catalog cases and more, with twin locks to protect your vital documents.

Through Sam’s Club, you’ll also find beautiful attaché cases with expander capacity and plenty of storage space for folders, papers, even phones and compact discs. Again, these storage cases are attractive and lockable. Other briefcase related items you’ll find at Sam’s Club include a briefcase style day timer and stylish women’s briefcase.

People often judge you by the type of briefcase or catalog case you carry. They notice not only its appearance, but how efficiently you can produce the necessary documents you need from it. With cases from Sam’s Club, you’ll always impress and always be ready. So set aside that old, worn out briefcase and order a great new case from Sam’s Club at a great price today.

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