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Blenders, juicers & mixers

Blenders, Juicers and Mixers

Create your favorite recipes with ease with the right appliances from Sam's Club®. They make quick work of blending, chopping and pureeing ingredients, so you can save time. Whether you need a single serve blender for your morning kale smoothie or a professional mixer for baking a mountain of cupcakes, you'll find a wide selection of small appliances at Sam's Club.


These handy appliances come in several styles to suit a variety of applications. A hand blender, or immersion blender, is ideal for making smoothies, sauces and other dishes directly in your pot or pan. They require less cleanup than a traditional small blender since there's no carafe or jar to wash.

Look for more of a professional blender if you do a lot of cooking or drink making. Consider brands like Waring, Vitamix and Oster to meet these needs. They tackle the toughest tasks like crushing ice for your favorite frozen drinks. Select models do more than blend as well. Some models allow you to heat or chill food as it works, cutting down on your meal prep time.


Getting the most nutrients out of your produce and into your body in a usable form is what juicers and juicer blenders are all about. These small appliances help you extract the fiber and flavor of your favorite fruits and vegetables and use them to make drinks, smoothies, ice cream and more. Sam's Club features several dedicated juicing machines as well as those that do double-duty as more traditional blenders.


Baking and cooking are great ways to connect with family and friends, and a great mixer can help you do that. Start off with an electric hand mixer to make whipped cream, meringues and mashed potatoes in no time. If making homemade bread is your forte, you'll want a heavy-duty mixer with a dough hook attachment. These professional mixers are powerful and Sam's Club offers a wide selection from brands like Kitchenaid and Cuisinart.

The right appliances can make your time in the kitchen more productive and more fun. With convenient shopping options available, Sam's Club is your destination for all things culinary.

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