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Blankets & throws

Warm Blankets & Throws from Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers blankets for all types of beds in a variety of sizes and colors for much less than what you would expect to pay at a housewares store. You can find blankets for twin, full, queen or king sized beds in 100 percent polyester, so you get the warmth of wool in a lightweight, comfortable package.

For those really cold, winter nights where a regular blanket just won’t cut it, you can also find a variety of electric blanket options from Sam’s Club. Nothing compares to a nice, warm, heated blanket on a cold night. The electric blankets offered through Sam’s Club are safe and comfortable, without bulky wires that can get in the way. And they’re machine washable as well. If you’ve always wanted an electric blanket but have been putting off because you didn’t think it was worth the money, check out Sam’s Club’s prices on electric blankets.

Sam’s Club also has some terrific throws for you to try. These throws are soft, warm wraps that are like blankets you can wear around with you. They’re very comfortable and extremely affordable, so you’ll definitely want to look into these items.

Don’t suffer through another cold night with worn out blankets full of holes that are just “good enough.” Find great warm, comfortable blanket items at terrific prices with Sam’s Club today.

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