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Bird Baths, Houses and Feeders

Enhance your garden and attract an array of bird species with our collection of bird houses, baths and feeders. With these items, you are sure to attract different colors and types of birds for your enjoyment. We also offer a number of products for bird pet owners including cages and bird food for cockatiels, parakeets and more.

Bird Cages and Enclosures

Provide your bird with room to spread its wings. Our bird cages and enclosures create a comfortable environment for your pet while making it easy for you to clean and maintain its habitat. Made of sturdy and strong materials, these cages come with easy pull-out trays, feeding dishes and wooden perches for your birds to relax and rest. Some minor assembly of these cages may be required.

Sam's Club® also carries ZuPreem bird food to help your pets live a long and healthy life.

Wild Bird Houses, Bird Baths and Feeders

Turn your backyard into your own private oasis. Ideal for birdwatchers, these products will help you attract a variety of species from cardinals to finches. Available in different styles, these quality bird supplies will also add beauty to your garden. This includes colorful bird feeders that hang from the tree and hold seed, mealworm or peanuts.

Birdbaths also attract birds. We offer different colors, shapes and designs including solar, traditional and multi-tier fountains that will give your garden both charm and sophistication.

Bird Seed

Keep your birdfeeder full to keep your birds coming back. Sam’s Club has quality blends with raisins and sunflower seeds to attract colorful songbirds such as cardinals and finches for your birdwatching pleasure. These seeds are fresh and vitamin-enriched to provide nutrients to safely feed the birds.

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