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Binding machines & supplies

Binding Machines & Supplies

Sam’s Club® has a variety of binding machines and supplies to attach and secure documents. These tools are ideal for schools, businesses and home offices.

Types of Binding Machines and Supplies

Manual binding machines help you easily line up your documents and punch and bind each sheet in one motion. These machines can punch dozens of papers and bind hundreds at one time. Electric binding machines do the same job as manual binding machines but operate with the push of a button. Each set of bound papers is held together by a sleek and flexible comb that is placed within the manual or electric binding machine.

Binding covers are made of plastic, clear in appearance and act as the jacket for the papers and documents you bind. These serve a practical function as they protect papers and are tear proof, but they also provide a professional appearance for reports you are submitting to your boss or teacher.

Binding spines are the durable and bendable combs that keep your papers bound. Some binding spines are made of metal, and some are plastic and can adjust to the thickness of your documents.

Choosing Binding Machines and Supplies

If you are binding a large number of papers at once, an electric binding machine may be the right choice for you, whether you use the machine at work or at home. For those who only have to bind a few papers at once, manual binding machines work well, though some people prefer the convenience of modern electric binding machines. No matter what type of binding machine you prefer, you will need binding covers and spine. Plastic spines are great for all types of papers, though metal spines can hold a larger number of papers.

With these tips in mind, choosing the correct binding machine and accessories at Sam’s Club is simple.

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