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Bed frames & box springs

Shopping for Bed Frames & Box Frames

Choosing the right bed frame and quality box spring is important to keep your mattress in good shape.

Box Springs

Box springs are very important as it supports the mattress, and is as important as a mattress as it is responsible for the overall comfort level of the mattress. When purchasing a new mattress, buy the box springs together with the mattress as they are meant to work together. Try not to use old box springs with a new set, as they might not make a perfect fit, and you’re comfort level might be affected.

Bed Frames

The next important component of a bed set is the frames for the bed. Bed frames can not only help preserve you mattress, but also the box springs. The size of the bed frame will depend on your mattress. The height of the frame, however, will depend on how comfortable you are getting off and on the mattress. Choose a bed frame that will suit the interiors of your bedroom or living space; one trick is to choose a dark colored frame if you want to make your bedroom appear smaller, and vice versa.

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