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Bed frames & bedding

Choosing Bed Frames & Bedding

Adults need at least seven to eight hours of deep sleep to function properly, so it becomes essential to choose the right bed frame for your needs. A bed frame is usually made of metal or wood. Before you purchase a bed frame, ensure:

  • The bed frame is sturdy

  • If the bed frame needs to be assembled, check what type of tools are required to assemble it

  • Check the amount of weight the bed frame can withstand

  • Check the material of the bed frame to ensure it can withstand weight for a long period of time

  • Check the size of the bed frame to ensure it fits into the allotted space in your bedroom.

  • Consider the height of the person who plans to use the bed frame; the length of the bed frame should easily be able to accommodate the height of the person

  • Check the height of the bed frame. The height of the bed frame affects the height of the mattress placed on the frame

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