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Beach towels

Beach Towels

Whether you’re hitting the beach for a fun day in the sand or simply relaxing by the pool to soak up some sun, beach towels are essential. Sam’s Club® has plenty of options, including oversized beach towels, designer brands, fun styles and more.

Stock your pool house, vacation home or pool tote with multiple luxury beach towels that are just right for each member of the family. Choose thicker towels for extra comfort, durability and softness, or get a full set for the sand or public lounge chair.

Shapes, Styles and Sizes

Find the beach towel you're looking for at Sam's Club. Kids' beach towels feature fun colors, soft materials and youthful designs. Young ones can choose from cute butterflies, beach-themed flowers and maritime ships. Adults will find beautiful designs from popular name brands like IZOD, Bonfire Bay, Softesse and more. Designer beach towels from reliable name brands are sure to last and provide comfort after a long day of swimming. Elegant sea-themed designs, which include sand dollars, hibiscus coral reefs and more, can make any day at the pool or beach complete. There are even unique round beach towels that look great when laid out on the sand or poolside.

Additional Accessories

Complete your fun outing in the sun by packing all your beach towels into a convenient tote bag. Sam’s Club offers numerous designs that pair well with your purchase. Simply roll up each beach towel and slide them into a tote bag for easy travel to the beach or pool. Many selections also feature plenty of space and compartments to store sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops and more so you can always be prepared.

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