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Battery chargers

Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers are designed to give you the most value for your buck, a notion we pride ourselves in offering our customers at all times at Sam’s Club®. Battery chargers work to extend the lifespan of the batteries you use to power every day at items. These chargers often come with their own supply of batteries.

Types of Battery Chargers

Sam’s Club proudly carries Duracell battery rechargers. Duracell is considered one of the global leaders in battery manufacturing and their battery chargers are an excellent example of their understanding of technology pertaining to batteries themselves and the devices that can improve their lifespan.

Our chargers recharge compatible batteries from drained to full power in just about an hour or two, meaning you never have to wait long before enjoying fully charged batteries in your various electronic devices. The chargers often come with eight AA or four AAA top-quality Duracell rechargeable batteries that are pre-charged for your convenience. The chargers can hold multiple batteries at a time when charging and an LED charge status indicator and an auto shutoff feature lets you know that your batteries are done charging, without wasting electricity. These chargers work with all rechargeable AA and AAA NiMH batteries so you can quickly and easily power up your electronics.

Finding the right battery charger is important to keeping your active lifestyle going. They are also ideal for those with kids who have a lot of toys that use up a lot of juice when being played with. You can also find rechargeable batteries and chargers an excellent investment if you have a lot of wireless devices for electronics and computers, as well as any GPS and outdoor devices, since they often take AA or AAA batteries. Thus, being able to save on the long-term operating costs associated with wireless mice, joysticks and keyboards is a wonderful thing.

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