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Bathroom lighting

Bathroom Lighting Solutions

When it's time to add or change the light fixture in your bathroom, find what you're looking for at Sam's Club. You can choose lighting from brands like Design House or Hardware House, or you can search through the many types of fixtures by category to find exactly what you want.

Spotlights vs. Wall Lights

Do spotlights or bathroom wall lights provide more brightness? That will depend on the design of your bathroom, the style of each light, which bulbs you use and how the lights are positioned around the room.

Spotlights are excellent if you want more light in a certain area rather than equal lighting all over. You can place them over the shower, toilet and sink areas.

Wall lighting is great for equal brightness around the room. Whichever type of lighting you decide on, we have a beautiful collection of both types and more for you to find your ideal fixture.

Types of Bathroom Lights

Between LEDs, florescent and incandescent bulbs, which is best for the bathroom? LEDs are long-lasting and don't heat up like incandescent bulbs. But they might have a slightly tinted shade of light that will not be natural. If you're applying make-up or getting ready in the bathroom, incandescent bulbs are a better option for true coloring.

Florescent and LED are the more energy-efficient choices for bulbs, and they both last longer than most incandescent bulbs. When you buy your bulbs from Sam's Club, we can save you money by offering bulk packaging at exclusive members-only pricing.

Getting Ready in the Morning

If a functional dressing space is part of your home improvement wish list, we carry just what you need to deck out your vanity. Find the perfect bathroom mirror lights to make your home into your own personal dressing room.

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