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Bag-in-box syrups

Bag in Box Fountain Soda Syrup

Do you have a business that serves fountain sodas, or are you in charge of making sure that your home or organization is always stocked up on soda syrup? Bag in box syrup, otherwise known as BIB syrup, is a concentrated syrup that works with soda dispensers. When used in conjunction with a soda dispenser, the syrup mixes with water and produces fresh soda on demand. It's a great value and there's no wasted cans or bottles, so it's better for the environment than buying cases of soda. One box of five-gallon fountain drink syrup yields 30 gallons, which is the equivalent of 320 12-oz. drinks. When you buy your soda syrup boxes at Sam's Club, you'll save money and best of all, you can have them delivered directly to your home or business.

Colas & Diet Colas

Not surprisingly, more people order colas and diet colas than most other fountain sodas. And with the cola syrup options at Sam's Club, it's easy to stay stocked up and ready for the high demand. For diet colas, Sam's Club carries Diet Coke, Diet Rite bag in box syrup and other brands. Regular colas include Coca-Cola soda in a bag as well as RC Cola and several other options of bag in box syrup.

Flavored BIB Fountain Syrups

In addition to stocking up on cola syrup and diet cola syrup for your soda dispenser, add a few other varieties. Popular choices include root beer, orange soda lemon-lime soda and lemonade. The soda BIB selection at Sam's Club has something for everyone, and you can't beat the convenience and value of having the ability to make fresh soda for customers, co-workers or your family—anytime.

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