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Baby monitors

Baby Monitors for Baby’s Safety

Today, technology helps keep you close to your infant regardless of where you are in the house. Some baby monitors provide clear images of your child while they sleep or fall asleep in their crib. You can shop from models that offer precise sound and high-resolution images through brands such as ClearVu, Veridian, Summer Infant, Digital Baby, Lorex, Levana, and Safe N’ See.

Most baby monitors include some type of camera to record the infant while they sleep. Some models, such as the ClearVu Digital Camera, offer two recording cameras to capture multiple angels of the room. The wireless handheld monitors allow you to receive a signal up to 350’ away. Other brands allow you to monitor your child through the use of a telephone application or app.

The Veridian iBaby Monitors grants you access to 2-way audio and 1-way video through a PC or mobile device. At one time up to 4 devices can be used to check on your baby through the eyes of the high-performance camera. Still other baby monitors depend on other forms of technology to alert you when your infant moves or noise levels reach a specific range. Voice activated alerts and color changing night lights are other features you can expect to find while shopping baby monitors at Sam’s Club.

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