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Baby feeding supplies

Feeding Your Baby - Formula, Food & Breastfeeding Supplies

No matter what stage your little ones are at, we've got what you need for feeding time.

Newborn & Infant Feeding

Sam's Club can help you get set up with breastfeeding supplies such as pumps and milk storage solutions—or you can choose from various types of baby formula, including ready-to-use formula and instant/powder formula (just add water).

Toddler Feeding

When your baby is ready for solid food, pick up a variety of baby food and snacks—like yogurt and cereal—to keep them nourished. As your baby gets older, he or she can sit at the table in a high chair or booster seat. Plus, you can pick up a variety of brightly colored cups, bowls and spoons for them as they learn to eat on their own. Don't forget lots of bibs!

Types of Baby Formula

  • Cow's milk-based baby formula. This is the most common type of baby formula and may be used on its own or in addition to breastmilk.
  • Gentle formula. Many babies have sensitive stomachs, and may not tolerate regular milk. Gentle or sensitive formula often contains less lactose or soy.
  • Soy formula. Soy-based formula is an alternative for babies who are intolerant/allergic to milk or for those who prefer not to use dairy products.

Baby Formula Tips

  • It is not recommended to reheat or refrigerate unused portions of the infant formula. Prepare the amount you think your baby will finish and discard any unused portions.
  • If you are using powder formula, heat the water on the stove instead of in the microwave. The stovetop is a better option because microwave heating can cause "hot spots" in portions of the heated formula.
  • Avoid storing powdered baby formula in the refrigerator because moisture and bacteria could get into the powder. In addition, the powdered baby formula may not mix well with water after refrigeration.
  • Avoid diluting infant formula. Follow the directions as advised on the infant formula product you're using.