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Fish and Tortoise Aquariums

Find a home for your fish or aquatic pets at Sam's Club®. Aquariums can add beauty to your home or office, and can have a calming effect on everyone. We offer a variety of aquariums in different sizes and shapes to showcase your saltwater or freshwater fish. Along with fish tanks, we also carry habitats for tortoises or turtles.

Small Aquariums for the Desk

Decorate your desk with a lively fish tank display. Our 2- to 4-gallon aquariums are great for offices, dorms or small apartments. They can hold 2-4 small fish such as tetras or platies. You can also place dwarf aquatic frogs or a betta fish in the tank. Our desktop aquariums come in round or rectangular shapes. Sam’s Club also carries terrariums to bring life and greenery to your home or office.

Aquarium Kits

If you are a beginning fish hobbyist, one of our aquarium kits would be ideal for you. These starter kits are easy to set up and along with the fish tank, you’ll receive LED lighting, blue or black background panels and a cleaning filter. All you’ll need to buy are the fish, gravel and other decorations.

Larger Aquariums

Sam’s Club also carries larger aquariums to brighten up your living space. At 7-10 gallons, they work best placed on a table or stand. These fish tanks are made of glass with curved corners for unobstructed views. Along with the glass aquarium, you will receive a lid, LED light and filter.

Tortoise Palace

Keep your box turtle or tortoise safe in this enclosure. It includes a wire top and front glass that will let you watch your pet play and enjoy its new home. To keep your tortoise’s shell firm, be sure it gets enough light with a UV light source. Some minor assembly of the palace is required. The tortoise palace is large enough to accommodate several pets and will look great in almost any room in the house.

Sam’s Club offers all of these products at our members-only prices.

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