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Apple watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch lets you monitor your activity levels and handle the basic functions of your iPhone right on your wrist. Whether you want to detach from your phone a bit, or you want a device that works with your lifestyle, Sam's Club carries a variety of watches and electronics that help you do it.

Using the Apple Watch for Activities

The Apple Watch helps you keep track of your daily activities, from walking to workouts. The built-in step counter lets you see how many miles you go each day, while the apps keep track of your history for comparison and improvement. The new Apple Watch includes GPS so you can see where your daily run takes you. It's also water-resistant, which means you'll track the calories burned during swimming and pool exercising. The heart-rate monitor lets you quickly see if you're within your target range for optimal weight loss and conditioning.

The Apple Watch Style

When it comes to smart watches, the Apple Watch combines style and functionality. The gold Apple Watch provides a stylish and professional look that takes you from a jog in the park right to the office. Choose the anodized aluminum case for a lighter design that offers a smart, classic look. There's also a steel version that features a shiny exterior and a Milanese loop for an attractive finish. Check out the available Apple Watch accessories for different band colors that match your personality and style.

The Apple Watch Interface

The latest Apple Watches come with apps that let you take and receive calls and send voice-recorded text messages without using your iPhone. You can quickly see who's contacting you without digging in your pocket or searching for your device. With Siri and email apps built in, you can handle your activities without using your phone.

Sam's Club carries Apple products that fit your lifestyle and provide you with all the apps you need. Whether hitting the gym or heading to the office, your Apple Watch helps you take charge of your day.

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