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Alternative energy

Alternative Energy Solutions

Going green is more affordable at Sam's Club®. We provide you with a lot of options for wind and solar energy. You can get alternative energy products for your pool, outdoor lighting, security and other devices.

Using Alternative Energy at Home

Getting off the grid doesn't have to mean giving up the technologies you like the most. We offer a range of energy solutions. Everything from solar battery chargers to wind energy towers can be found at Sam's Club for members-only prices.

Protection from Power Outages

If you're relying on wind and solar power for your back-up or extra energy, you won't have to worry so much about power outages. These alternative sources of power can operate in different weather conditions and environments.

Our collection of green energy devices ranges from low wattage charging to high wattage for appliances or large batteries. Getting a generator from Sam's Club can cushion your home from power issues during storms or local area maintenance.

With outdoor security products like cameras, light posts, deck lights and walkway lighting, you won't have to worry about losing your nighttime security measures even if the power goes out. Check out our products from top brands like Coleman, Nature Power and Sunforce.

Outdoor Energy Solutions

If you're going camping or embarking on an outdoor adventure, you can take along one of our solar or wind energy products to help you stay connected all the time. Keep the lights on and your phones or lanterns charged by taking a solar-powered generator on your next outdoor trip.

Get Power Anywhere

Whether you're looking for a power solution for a remote farm, a cabin in the woods or an urban apartment, our energy products can go where you need them. Portable solar panels and wind towers make it easy to go green.

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