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Alkaline batteries

Alkaline Batteries

To keep your devices powered and working to speed, Sam’s Club® keeps a superb stock of alkaline batteries which are required for many household items. Whether you need a pack of watch batteries or a value pack of AA batteries to keep you stocked for months, Sam’s Club has the alkaline batteries you need.

Types of Alkaline Batteries

One of Sam’s Club’s most popular brand of alkaline batteries is Duracell. These top-quality batteries are built to last and the company creates batteries suitable for many devices, from AAA batteries for household remotes, to 9-volt batteries that keep your fire detector working in top shape. Energizer, another leading brand of battery manufacturers, makes incredibly strong and long-lasting lithium AA and AAA batteries. Sam’s Clubs’ own Member’s Mark brand has a best-selling value pack of AA batteries that are great to keep in your home to power cameras, computer mouse, flashlights and other like devices.

Choosing the Right Alkaline Battery

There aren’t many things worse than buying a pack of batteries and realizing you purchased the wrong type. That is why it is important to keep a few factors in mind when you set out to purchase new batteries. For one thing, the device that needs new batteries should expressly state on its packaging or accompanying instructions what type of alkaline battery is required for power.

Another factor to think about is use and budget. Is it worth your while to purchase a large value pack of batteries to have on hand when the device’s battery runs out? It is often times more economical to purchase large packs of alkaline batteries, but this may not be a good option for you if you do not need to use those batteries that often.

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