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Alarms & detectors

Alarms and Detectors

Alarms and detectors help you protect your business, employees and customers. With options ranging from security mirrors to door chimes, Sam's Club® has everything you need for your business and office safety and security.

Security Mirrors

Security mirrors are a cost-effective solution that helps employees maintain visibility in all areas of a business. These convex mirrors are similar to rear-view automobile mirrors, and provide visibility from a variety of angles. In stores, placing these mirrors in inconspicuous corners lets workers see whether people are in hard-to-see areas, helping to keep theft to a minimum. In warehouse locations, security mirrors ensure foot traffic sees fork trucks and other machinery that may be coming around corners for protection against accidents.

Security mirrors come in square, rectangular and circular styles that offer up to 160 degrees of visibility, depending on their location. Panoramic half-domes provide 180 degrees of visibility, making them a good choice for busy intersections. Acrylic mirrors provide durability and protection against cuts if broken. Consider glass security mirrors for clear reflected images.


Detectors and alarms are an ideal solution for protecting any area. Motion detectors make a small sound when someone moves in the vicinity, making sure workers and family members know when someone is in a restricted area. Door chimes alert workers in back rooms whenever someone enters a store, helping increase productivity and reduce product loss. Chimes also work well for back doors and other entrances that remain unlocked during specific hours.

A combination of security mirrors and alarms can protect your business, employees and guests. The selection of options at Sam's Club provides affordable security solutions for small and large businesses. Whether you're trying to improve security or you want to add to your existing security and surveillance systems, mirrors and alarms will help you accomplish both.

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