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We know how important safety is. That's why you can find carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors at Sam's Club®. Make sure your home is outfitted with the threat-detection devices you need.

Where to Place Smoke Detectors

Most homes come with smoke detectors, but if you need to install one or replace an old one, make sure you're putting it up in the right location. Look for a spot that's near areas that may catch fire, but also close enough that you can hear it while asleep in your bedroom.

It's not a good idea to place a smoke detector in the kitchen directly, because there may be false alarms from the oven and stove. Placing it between the kitchen and the closest bedroom may be a good location in many homes. Check out the selection of smoke detectors we offer from brands like Universal Security Instruments and Kidde.

Smoke Detectors vs. Fire Detectors

Both fire and smoke detectors are used to detect fires in your home or business. Fire detectors usually search for high levels of heat, or rapid increases in temperature. They can help to protect a property by detecting the fire more quickly.

Smoke detectors pick up on high levels of smoke in the air. These are great for personal safety, because they are more reliable in most emergency situations. You can find smoke and fire detectors, as well as combination devices, on our website or in stores for exclusive members-only pricing.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Should you be using a carbon monoxide detector in your home? Not all houses, apartments or businesses need one. But you may need to detect potentially dangerous levels of carbon monoxide if you have any gas-burning appliances, a fireplace of any kind (wood-burning, gas-burning or otherwise), an indoor generator, a fuel-burning stove or an oil-burning furnace.

We have carbon monoxide alarms to help you stay aware of any potential threats in your home. Search for a standalone device or look for one of our combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for even more peace of mind at home.

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