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Air movers

Air Movers

Sam’s Club® carries a range of air movers to assist in drawing out moisture and liquid from carpets, floors and walls fast and effectively. They are ideal for use at work sites and at home for any kind of construction or repair jobs.

Benefits of Air Movers

Air Movers by B-Air come in a variety of sizes and capabilities to suit many jobs. These industrial air movers that can help dry carpets and floors as well as paint and drywall. These air movers can be adjusted to multiple speeds and angles and run on low amp despite their powerful motors. In addition to drying, these air movers cool heated areas and create air circulation.

Compact dryers provide powerful drying action in spaces that larger air movers are unfit to dry, such as areas beneath counters and inside closets. Models tend to have strong motors and batteries, but they draw low amps, so not a lot of electricity is needed when they are in use.

Choosing an Air Mover

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new air mover. Regular or compact air movers/dryers should be chosen depending on the size of the job or work space. For large areas with extensive moisture damage, industrial-strength full-sized air movers may be necessary. Related accessories, like duct drying kits, keep your air mover clean, ensuring that it continues to work as needed.

Axial fans, like those by Piranha by Tornado, offer multiple speeds and can be daisy chained with up to four other axial fan units to quickly dry massive areas on industrial sites. When you have a surface that needs to be fully dried quickly, rely on the selection of industrial, home and commercial air movers at Sam’s Club to get the job done.

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