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Air compressors & accessories

Air Compressors & Accessories

At Sam’s Club,® we carry a selection of air compressors and accessories to keep your tools functioning at their best. Air compressors covert power into potential energy that is then kept in the storage tank of tools to be used when needed. This helps tools to function better and longer. Tools ranging from tire inflators to airbrush guns use air compressors. Whether you need an air compressor for work or a hobby, Sam's Club is sure to have what you are looking for.

Air Compressor Varieties

Air compressors by GreenWorks come in both cordless and corded varieties and offer a range of power levels depending on the job you're performing. Differences in cordless air compressors include the tank size and battery size, which range from 24V to 40V, with the largest size lasting longest. Cordless air compressors are most compatible with larger tools. All of the cordless air compressors run on a lithium-ion system and are quick to recharge once the battery is drained.

Corded air compressors have a universal motor to quickly start when needed and are a great match for lawn tools. The pancake tank is designed for stability and can produce and hold several gallons of air volume with a 150 psi max tank pressure storage. Its 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi provides rapid compression.

Air Compressor Accessories

Air compressor accessories include air hoses of various sizes by Flexzilla and SmartFlex, as well as air filters, compressor replacement air regulators with gauges and a 17-piece air compressor kit with accessories by Primefit.

Choosing an Air Compressor

To ensure you find the correct air compressor for your needs, there are a couple things to keep in mind. For large jobs, a cordless industrial air compressor with a 40V battery may work best. For those who work in landscaping or enjoy keeping a lawn in top shape, corded air compressors are ideal for keeping tools like leaf blowers functioning well, and you don’t have to worry about charging the battery.

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