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Pool maintenance & cleaning

The Importance of Pool Maintenance

Everyone loves a well maintained swimming pool. No matter the size or shape, having a swimming pool in your backyard is definitely a great way to enjoy even the most scorching summer months. Having a pool means unlimited fun and unending hours of pleasure, but to keep your pool available for enjoyment, it needs to be maintained properly. Thanks to the advent of a bevy of pool maintenance tools, you no longer have to depend on pool cleaning services, whose bills make you want to just drain or cover your pool up. With the right pool maintenance equipment, you can clean and maintain your pool yourself. You can find a wide range of pool cleaning devices, such as robotic pool cleaners, saltwater chlorine salt generator, sand filters, and other types of pool maintenance kits, all at Sam’s Club.

Which Pool Maintenance Tools Do You Need?

Since there are so many products available for pool maintenance, you have the opportunity to pick and choose which products best suit your needs. Here at Sam’s Club, you’ll find a range of pool maintenance products, so you’re sure to find products to suit your budget and pool type. Both in-ground and above-ground pool types require appropriate pool maintenance tools. As a pool owner, you’ve got to keep a close eye on the chlorine, pH, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity of your pool.

pH Level Maintenance

A great way to do this is to use a water testing equipment kit. This kit will help you determine if the pH levels in your pool are balanced. People using a pool with high pH levels can experience itchy skin and burning eyes. The wrong pH level can also result in the spread of algae and other bacteria within your pool water. Your crystal-clear and clean pool will soon become dull and very cloudy if its pH is not maintained. Other symptoms of pH imbalance include a calcium buildup on the pool walls. As the calcium spreads, it can also block and damage the pool filter. A low pH level may result in the pool water becoming acidic, damaging your pool filter parts. In acidic pool water, swimmers may risk skin and eye irritation.

Other Maintenance Products

Once your pool has balanced pH levels, you’ll need additional maintenance products like sanitization, chlorine, saltwater, and algae control tablets. These will ensure that your pool water is clean, safe, and free of bacteria.

Many pool owners swear by robotic pool cleaners. These little wonders on wheels have their own drive motor and filtration system, which eliminates algae, bacteria, debris, and sand from taking residence in your pool. All you need to do it plug it in and drop it in your pool. These easy-to-install-and-use machines are perfect for a variety of oval, round, or rectangular pools and can be used in any season.

At Sam’s Club you will find pool maintenance kits and products at great Members’-only prices. Let us help you keep your pool clean, so it provides endless fun this summer.

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