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Adding a flying drone to your collection of electronics provides you with a unique way of capturing video and photos. It's also an entertaining hobby.

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Drones are available in numerous styles and colors and can range greatly in price. Choose from top brands at Sam's Club®, such as WonderTech, Spin Master, Yuneec and Parrot drones. There are also plenty of action cameras like GoPro, Sony, Fujifilm and more, which can take your photography to the next level.

Choosing the right drone isn’t just about fitting your budget. You'll also need to consider your intended use for the flying drone. Toy drones are typically lower in price and are durable for play. Photography drones have features to allow you to take high-quality photos and video from aerial locations. You can even find racing drones that move quickly and are intended for everyday fun.


A drone camera allows you to take areal video or photos from nearly anywhere. Adding the right camera can improve the graphic quality of photos and videos captured with a flying drone. Go with something simple and lightweight like the Samsung Gear 360 or opt for an advanced 360fly HD action camera, which allows you to take 360-degree video.

When choosing a camera for your flying drone, keep in mind the resolution, number of megapixels and overall camera quality you want. For better photos and video, you’ll want a drone that is equipped with--or has the capability for—a gimbal or stabilizer. Ensuring your drone has this feature will make video and photos more crisp, smooth and higher quality.


The right accessories can amp up your flying drone so you can get more out of it. Adding a camera attachment, such as a stabilizer or advanced mount or purchasing extra memory cards can offer more fun and excitement to your drone activities.

You’ll also want the proper carrying case and storage options for your drone. Depending on the price of your drone, you may want to purchase a hard case for extra protection. Soft cases and backpacks are available, making carrying easy and more lightweight.

Extra drone batteries can be essential for longer flying sessions. Keep a couple on hand for easily switching them out while out on location.

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