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Add-on & accessories

Accessories for Home and Office Telephones

Enhance your home or office phone system with add-on accessories for your landline or VoIP phone service. These telephone accessories will make talking on the phone much more comfortable and will allow you to move around while enjoying your conversation. Shop Sam’s Club for all of your phone accessory needs. We offer products for both the home and office.

Telephone Cord Detanglers

Stop phone cord tangles with the use of one of our detangling products. No more wasting time straightening out kinks or twists in your cord. You’ll also get better sound clarity and will find it easier to move around while talking with the use of one of our cord detanglers. It is available in a variety of colors and styles and is also easy to install.

Cords and Cable Connectors

Choose from modular line or coiled phone cords to connect your telephone. All of our cords are cross-wired to ensure quality sound with both landline and VoIP telephone operations. Find the appropriate length and color to match your telephone and complement your overall decor.

Accessories for Hands-Free Talking

Like cell phones, you can enjoy hands-free talking with your landline or VoIP phone. Although many of our cordless phones have speakerphone capability, there are other ways that you can easily convert your traditional phone for hands-free talking. Shop our phone accessories department for these products such as our mountable shoulder rests or Bluetooth headsets.

Phone Organizers

Remove the clutter and organize your desk with one of our phone organizers. This selection includes phone stands that come in numerous styles and provide a platform for your desk phone along with slots for office supplies such as pens, memo pads, manuals and more.

Shop Sam’s Club for other telephone electronic accessories as well such as caller ID, answering machines and routers for your VoIP system. Enjoy these products at our member’s-only prices.

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