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Access badges & holders

Access Badges & Holders

Whether your business already has a security badge system in place or you're setting one up, Sam's Club® carries a variety of access badges and holders that help you increase office safety and security.

Access Badge Options

There are several different types of access badges that help you maintain security. Visitor badges let employees know at a glance whether someone should be in a certain area. Items like those from Avery let you print badges for each visitor. You can personalize them with company logos, full names and access levels for added professionalism.

Proximity Badges

Proximity badges are an ideal option for increasing security. Each employee must scan his or her badge at card readers before specific doors will open to allow someone to enter. Options like those from Advantus let you choose horizontal or vertical card positioning, ensuring you have enough space on the access badge for the information you require.

Access Badge Holders

Once you've chosen the right access badges, you need the proper equipment for protecting them. Access badge holders let you slide all types of name cards inside, protecting against rips, tears and other damage. Some badge holders feature sealable edges that keep the contents inside, helping to reduce loss. Resealable badge holders are perfect for visitor badges and proximity badges.

Access Badge Accessories

When employees and visitors are required to keep access badges on their person, the right accessories make the task easier. Lanyards feature clips that hold badges in place, and the around-the-neck positioning makes sure access badges are always visible. Retractable clips keep all types of badges accessible, and they reduce the chances of the cards being caught in machinery for added safety. Badge clips are easily replaceable, reducing the number of replacement badges needed.

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