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Ultra hd 4k tvs

4K TVs at Sam's Club

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your home entertainment system? Check out the selection of 4K TVs at Sam’s Club®. Once you get a glimpse of what it’s like to watch a 4K TV, you’ll understand why everyone’s talking about it. If you enjoy watching HDTV, you’ll love Ultra HD TV, which is another way to describe 4K TVs. So, what’s the difference between the HD TV you’ve been watching and the newer 4K Ultra HD TV? The simple answer is resolution. With a whopping 8.3 million pixels, 4K or UHD is four times clearer than the Full HD you’re probably familiar with. That means you’ll be able to experience more details, more life-like colors and a picture quality that’s out of this world! You’ll also see some 4K TV models that offer HDR TV, which refers to high dynamic range. You’ll get an incredibly realistic picture and vibrant colors with the combination of 4K and HDR TV.

Ultra HD (UHD) Technology

So, what are the benefits of Ultra HD (UHD) Technology? One of the main benefits is that the colors you see are more life-like and realistic. You’ll notice more accurate contrast, more color consistency and a more responsive picture. Some 4K TV reviewers say that they’re seeing colors they’ve never seen before on a television! Another benefit that you’ll discover is that the 4K TVs at Sam’s Club feature built-in processors that automatically convert content (also known as upscaling) that was filmed in lower resolution. The result? amazingly crisp content that will truly elevate your viewing experience. And as more content is filmed in higher resolutions, the quality you see will get even better. If you like to immerse yourself in the TV-watching experience, you’re in luck. With 4K televisions, you can sit closer to the TV screen without sacrificing picture quality. Go ahead, get close and go big!


Sometimes, when you update your TV, you’re stuck updating other components, too. Not this time! Would you like to use a 4K TV with your current cable box, DVR, DVD or Blu-ray player? Not a problem. These new Ultra HD TVs are backward compatible, so they’ll work with your existing equipment. Get ready to find the Best 4K TVs at Sam’s Club. You won’t believe your eyes!

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