Restroom Supplies

Restroom Supplies

Sam’s Club® carries a wide range of restroom supplies that are useful for offices, commercial buildings and the home.

Types of Restroom Supplies

Restroom fixtures include baby changing tables and automatic faucet adaptors that have sensors that allow users to trigger the water faucet hands-free.

Hand soap is an important part of any bathroom, private or public. It is formulated to clean the hands while helping to prevent the spread of germs. At Sam’s Club, we have a variety of hand soaps, from gels and creams, scented or unscented and single bottles to large refill jugs.

Paper Towel Dispensers come in a variety of styles. There are hands-free and push paddle models, along with manual roll and pull towel dispensers.

Hand dryers also come in different styles and sizes. Popular brands like Xlerator’s sensor dryers allow you to dry your hands without pushing a button.

Whether for home or public use, bath tissue dispensers come in several styles that make it easy to change empty rolls and add fresh ones.

Choosing Restroom Supplies

Restroom fixtures are mainly designed for use in high volume, public places. The same can be said for hand dryers and paper towel dispensers. Items like air fresheners and sanitizers for odor control are great for use in the home and the office.

Depending on your budget, you may wish to buy certain items such as hand soap or bathroom tissue in bulk. This will help save on costs over time.

With these thoughts in mind, we hope shopping at Sam’s Club for restroom supplies will be as simple as possible.