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  • ratingImage nana1234 | Tue, 12 Feb, 2013

    I actually loved the tv but yesterday a green line appeared on my screen, I did the rest thing of unplugging for 7 hours but plugged it in and its still there ? Any suggestions ???? Thanks

  • ratingImage PJ0001 | Fri, 27 Jul, 2012

    Picture, set up, sound all good. My only complaint is the external sound does not mute or work with volume control if you are using added equipment. That would be a nice addition to choices.

  • ratingImage troydee318 | Tue, 10 Apr, 2012

    I purchased this tv on 3/23/12, loved it from the 1st time I saw it the picture is awesome, u can even c the picture from the side view as well. That was the point the really got me!!!

  • ratingImage cjbird | Thu, 15 Mar, 2012

  • ratingImage Num1aufan | Wed, 07 Mar, 2012

    The wife and I pruchased this two weeks ago and we both are absolutely loving the picture clarity, crispness, sharpness and the color is out of this world. It was the best TV for the money and size. I revied several TV's thru C/Net and decided on this one. The only thing I would change is the sound and I did with another speaker system, The TV sound actualy was a big let down but I would still recommend this TV to everyone as a good value.

  • ratingImage SamClubLover | Wed, 22 Feb, 2012

    We checked them out in the store first to make sure we knew what we wanted. We ordered online because we couldn't fit this TV in our car. The ordering was easy; delivery was made in about a week. Setup was easy as well. The only problem we had was figuring out how to get the "soft keyboard" to come up when we wanted to enter our wireless password. The booklet doesn't say, at least as far as we could tell. The answer is to press "enter" when you get on the password area; the keyboard will them present itself on the screen. Very happy with the picture and sound. We are satisfied with our purchase.

  • ratingImage Raysfanatic | Tue, 21 Feb, 2012

    We have had our Sharp 60" Aquos HDTV for two months and absolutely love it. Set up was very easy and the picture is fantastic. On some TV's, there is a problem with motion blur when watching sports. There is no such problem with this TV--we watch a lot of sports and the picture is very sharp and clear. Best TV we've ever had!

  • ratingImage BadMthr | Wed, 08 Feb, 2012

    We ordered this TV online with Sam's Club since the store sold out a couple weeks before Super Bowl XLVI. The shipper delivered it sooner than I expected and the delivery team was courteous and helpful. The TV itself was easy to set up and once we upgraded or cable package, the picture simply blew us away. It's a great product at a great price at Sam's.

  • ratingImage tennis159 | Wed, 08 Feb, 2012

  • ratingImage HeidiHo | Fri, 03 Feb, 2012

    I purchased this about a week ago. The price was the best I had seen anywhere. The picture on this set is incredible. The tv is very user friendly, and directions are in easy to read english. You don't have to be a genius to understand the manual. Read a few reviews where people complained of blur while watching sporting events. I have not had an issue with that at all. Football and Basketball have been outstanding quality, and extremely crisp. The picture is incredible. Sound is a little lacking, but I paired it with an LG sound bar and subwoofer, and now it sounds great. Overall a great value for the money. Oh and did I mention The picture is incredible.

  • ratingImage gulhome | Wed, 01 Feb, 2012

    I bought this TV before Christmas and Voice and picture quality are fine, as I am not much TV person. After a month, I saw a red line in TV and return to sams club.

  • ratingImage Tennispro | Wed, 01 Feb, 2012

    Purchased one on line from Sam's Club and it was defected so returned it for a refund and purchased another one from the local Samsclub Store that I had to go and pick up myself. Very happy I did this instead of waiting for an on line replacement. Great HD picture.Sharp picture for Sports events. Love every minute of it. Set up was easy. Hooked on to a surround system and the sound is super. Had it for 6 days now so unable to comment on the wifi connections as yet.

  • ratingImage FatDaddy | Tue, 17 Jan, 2012

    not a tv geek or tech , so I dont know all these fancy words . I do know I have wasted a lot of money on this tv . It is like watching the old Godzella movies with the sound and the lip movement running at different times , will drive you crazy .... Next , now I know I am a little hard of hearing but this tv is a joke for sound . We all listen to it WIDE OPEN and it is barely close to normal sound . If I had wanted to spend another $1000 on a sound system so I can hear this thing I would have just bought another TV . Sharp makes a great micro wave but it blew this Tv . I hope Sams will take it back . I have a great Samsung and also a Visio that you can hear and see a great picture . Dont get fooled for the extra 5 inches ........

  • ratingImage WeimaranerMom | Mon, 16 Jan, 2012

    I went with the intention of purchasing a smaller TV by a different manufacturer. Ironically, they were out of stock. Not wanted to go home empty handed, I purchased this TV instead. WOW, it made me look like a rockstar to the family. It was less expensive and has a beautiful picture. I paired it with the Sam's club Bose surround sound and we have premium picture and quality sound for a reasonable price. :) -Very Happy indeed!

  • ratingImage ElectroMechanica | Sat, 14 Jan, 2012

    Overall we are happy with this purchase. Our main uses for it are video games (XBox 360), Netflix, and our PVR. Built in Netflix app and 1080p content on the PVR are great, and video games on the XBox are smooth. However, I have noticed quite a bit of stuttering and jerkiness when watching 720p/i content, especially from the PVR. This is content we watched on our previous 720p TV so I know that it is not the PVR. But most things worth recording are now in 1080 so it hasn't been a deal-breaker.

  • ratingImage zozo | Thu, 12 Jan, 2012

    Using for 2 weeks now & very satisfied so far. Picture quality is very good especially in HD. I am a football watcher & happy to say I see no ghosting or trailing on fast moving objects as previously stated by some others. I have motion setting at 120 low. This TV was made recently, maybe a correction was made! Out of the box picture quality was not sharp. I found when I disabled (off) the (OPC) Optical Picture Control in "Picture Settings" the TV came alive. Put the AV MODE to "Standard" & the good picture came in. In the set-up could not get the TV's WI-FI to find my "Linsky's Router" until I temporary disabled my security firewall. All is perfect now & enjoying Netflix to no end!

  • ratingImage Kally | Wed, 11 Jan, 2012

    I was scheptical about buying a 60" TV thinking the quality would be sacrificed. I was totally wrong. The picture is fantastic. The Wifi and "gadgets" are a great add to viewing TV.

  • ratingImage frankdh | Tue, 10 Jan, 2012

    Crisp, clear picture. No adjustments were necessary. Doesn't use much electricity. Set doesn't get hot. Way better than my Toshiba DLP which needed a new bulb every 3 months ($162 bucks a pop). High speed pictures, like tracking a golf ball in flight are blurred. That's the only con we found. Wi-fi with Netflix is great. It's a keeper. Hope it stands the test of time.

  • ratingImage KansasTwister66 | Sun, 08 Jan, 2012

    I purchase this TV to go into the New House. Set up was Easy and Picture was Awsome..24 hours Later I get this BRIGHT Green line down the middle and I'm told a LED went out which causes the whole row to fail. Returned it. I wanted to try it again but they where out of them.They took care of me and I upgraded to the 60" Quatron model and is is working perfect.Sharp has great TV's and Sam's has the best price so I might have just had a Lemon. Use it alot the first 90 days for the Return policy with Sam's

  • ratingImage xrayman2 | Sun, 08 Jan, 2012

    Great picture; Easy to assemble; Connection with my Dish receiver and Blue-ray player was a snap with only HDMI cables; This set is very easy to set up when first turned on. For the average user all the standard settings are great, just plug and play. I must say again this set has a great picture! It is near 3D quality, very sharp. Out of the box it was set to the Standard AV Mode. I tried two different sets of User AV Mode values that I found on other reviews but after comparing all the different AV Modes I found the Standard AV Mode produced the best picture. I was never able to get it to connect to my wireless router, it would not accept the key for WPA2. My wireless router is the older blue Linksys with no WPS button. I was able to connect to the net by using a cat5 patch cable hooked to the router. Also I was never able to connect it with AquosNet but I was able to check online for a software update, it reported that the set software has the latest version. As for the ones that have reported smearing of footballs and fast motion of players, my set did NOT smear anything, football games are great to watch on this TV. My set was made in late November 2011, Sharp must have fixed the reported smearing problems. As with about all TV sets now days the sound is weak. For everyday TV viewing the sound is ok. To get the full experience of a Blu-ray movie I have the digital audio output from the player hooked direct to my 5.1 surround sound amp and speaker system.