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  • ratingImage seansellsflorida | Sat, 17 May, 2014

    I have had this grill for two years. The infrared burner has never worked. The interior of the gas portion is rotted beyond repair. Grill was always covered outdoors. Do not buy this grill.

  • ratingImage tcarlson | Sat, 26 Apr, 2014

    the probe that goes over the burner was loose on the gas valve. tightened and works great

  • ratingImage fstforward | Mon, 08 Jul, 2013

    I have owned one of these grills for 2 years. While I love the dual fuel, the downside is rust. Friday I saw that the supports for the burner plates are rotted thru. This grill has ALWAYS been covered and cleaned after use. I now, after only 2 years, must go back into the sorting process to find a new grill, only this time, one of these will NOT be considered. They look great, work great(other than the fact you cannot choke the air off from the charcoal side to save charcoal), but they do not last. Structurally, they are junk.

  • ratingImage Grillforfun | Mon, 10 Jun, 2013

    I thought is was a good idea to have gas and charcoal in one box. It also was useful for large cookouts as I could fire up both at the same time. The Gas side would heat to 600+ making it a good choice for a great steak. However, this was offset with the fact that the firebox rusted out on the GAS side in less than two years. The metal around the gas controls on the inside have rusted to nothing. The structure holding up the burners have also rusted and are falling apart. I'd understand if the burners themselves were going and then I could replace them but I have nothing to mount them to..... Spend your money on something better.

  • ratingImage JRthecook | Sun, 17 Mar, 2013

    I read the reviews after purchasing the grill, and find some of the coments are quite skathing, but so far I only have good things to say. First the instructions were not too bad if you kept reviewing the parts list as some of the pieces had different titles than the instruction, took less than 3hrs to put together . parts lined up sometimes but once put together was quite sturdy, large enough as to not wanting to move around. I have used all three cooking units and found no problems(so far). Lights easily, heats up quickly, and cooks even and fast. I saw a competitors version in k mart (Kennmore), that was so flimsy and cheap and priced @ $399.00 and even if I only get a few years out of it will still be ahead. Make sure you get a good cover and cure the grill as specified in the instructions. Cannot wait till weather is better to get cooking more on the charcoal and smoke some foods.

  • ratingImage sr79 | Sun, 10 Mar, 2013

    For starters, there were no directions in the box, and I had to drive back down to the store to get them. Then I didn't even finish building it before it broke! With no weight on it yet, I tried to move the frame aside and the bar underneath broke. The grill may look great, but it is made of all cheap parts. You have take things apart again just to make the holes line up and then you can't even get it put together without it breaking? No, I DO NOT recommend this for anyone!

  • ratingImage RichNh | Thu, 14 Feb, 2013

    The large base of the grill that fits into the legs is connected with these little spot welded tabs that have almost all broke off! I guess if you drilled through both and used some stainless screws/bolts it might hold better but still a "flimsy" leg support system for such a large grill, you can feel how "sloppy" it is when you try to move it around. I know it's not a costly grill but I didn't even get 6 months out of it before the first tabs starting breaking! Love the way it all around cooks but won't stay together, bought the insurance so lets see what happens!

  • ratingImage GrillyBoy | Mon, 11 Feb, 2013

    After reading many of the reviews I was usure of what I was getting. I took a chance and I was pleasantly suprised. The assemby did not take 3 or more hours. I think my time was more like 1.5 hours. The directions were not that bad. Only one picture did not look like the actual part. All the parts were there. All but one part lined up with out any coercion and that one was minor. If you are expecting a grill off the show BBQ Pit Masters yes you will be disappointed. If your looking for a grill to use for the family this is your grill. I used both sides the first time without any issues. Used the gas side for veggies and the charcoal side for the meat. I grill for a family of 5 and did not come close to running out of room. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

  • ratingImage Pokeyone | Sat, 09 Feb, 2013

    OK. So There's Alot Of Parts. But My 10 YO And I Put It Together In About 3 Hrs. It Wasn't That Bad. We Are Gonna Make Burgers And Steaks Tomorrow On The Gas And Charcoal...

  • ratingImage SavingsShoper | Sun, 03 Feb, 2013

    We're huge grilling fans and use our grill about four times a week. We were really busy in just moving into a new house and I was finishing up my degree and was not able to get it assembled within the warranty time. We used our old grill in the meantime. First thing right away was that one of the three inside "guts" didn't work so we are only able to use 2/3 of the grill. Called to get a replacement part, they were hard to understand, and sent me a part that I have no clue how to fix. Plus warranty expired so, no help there. Second, I have not been able to find a cover big enough yet. Third its already get rust spots, on the inside??? I saw a similar grill at WalMart, smaller of course, but I feel it would have been way more worth the money than this one.

  • ratingImage milisa4252 | Mon, 28 Jan, 2013

    This is the worst grill ever , This grill couldnt even cook a burger it took for ever . The only good thing was the charcoal. But it was a alful grill. I feel so bad for my husband it tookhim forever to put this together . One thing is Sams Club did return it. I would say pay a extar 100 go to lowes there is a nice hybrid grill there I already checked the review on it and they all sounded great. I plan on going back to lowes next week by then i should have the extar 100 . i hope this review helps someone

  • ratingImage wyjeep | Tue, 22 Jan, 2013

    I read all the reviews prior to purchasing the grill. I emptied the garage and spread out all the parts to ensure they were present which they were. It took about two hours to assemble mainly because I was working slow and cautious. Everything fit together fine and the grill works great. Hopefully I dont have to come back later to complain about rust issues. I do plan to buy a cover to protect it though

  • ratingImage beachpeach | Tue, 01 Jan, 2013

    After only 3 months of use the gas side of the grill began to rust on the sides and bottom despite the fact that it is always covered. The grill cost $278 and after one year of light use all of the metal that holds the heat shields in place disintegrated. Also, the knobs have an incorrect fit. They revolve around completely and frequently do not light the grill. We loved the idea of gas and charcoal. It's unfortunate the quality is so poor.

  • ratingImage Sttroner | Sat, 08 Dec, 2012

    I would give this piece of junk 0 stars if I was allowed to. Let me begin by stating that I am very good at assembling things, and it will take you 3 to 4 hours to assemble it if you get until the end. Problems that I found: LOTS of parts. Terrible instructions. The metal is too thin. Almost 40% of all metal parts came bent somewhere. The screw holes didn't fit correctly, the screws got stuck while assembling it and are so weak that with a little pressure the heads will get destroyed. It only is spot welded, it breaks very easily. The overall quality of this product is awful. THIS IS LITERALLY $260 worth of scrap metal. Do yourself a favor and stay away from it like the plague.

  • ratingImage Fng1 | Fri, 16 Nov, 2012

    Purchased this grill for a replacement of one that had died. I had read the reviews and they were all mixed. Opened the box and there were a lot of parts, just like reviews had said. We (a friend and I) started a clock and filled our rum glasses. 1:45hrs later it was complete with charcoal in it. Just follow the instructions. 4 months later, everything still in great shape, running well. I do cover my grills. For the money ($180) this is a great grill. Everything works as advertised. I love the gas and charcoal combo. This grill is used 3/4 times a week. My last grill lasted 10yrs, paid big bucks for it. If this grill lasts 3yrs (for the money) I will be VERY happy.

  • ratingImage reviewsbyJoe | Wed, 10 Oct, 2012

    Like most reviewers I agree. Good value, but product falls short. The infrared burner worked once, twice maybe, then never again. Followed the tips, tricks, you tubes, etc. Nothing worked. Out of warranty now but checking manufacturer anyway - maybe they'll stand behind it. BTW the couple times infrared worked it cooked well.

  • ratingImage sammysoss72 | Tue, 25 Sep, 2012

    sounded and looked like a great idea to have a side by side grill so I bought it and I wish I didnt... Very poor quality and cheaply made. The weld is popping off everywhere! Weld holding the adjustable arm on charcoal side came off the very first time i used it. Weld holding burners on propane side also came off. Rust is appearing quickly all over and I've owned it for less than 6 months... The black paint on the grill on the propane side bubbled and got stuck to my food... Do not buy, its a waste of money. It will not last you..

  • ratingImage TK44 | Wed, 19 Sep, 2012

    After 3.25 hours assembling the grill I was ready to try it out before entertaining for a large party in a couple weeks. I used the charcoal side and it worked well. The next day when I went to use it again I found the weld holding the arm for the charcoal grate severed at the weld. I quickly called RanKam and they said they would replace the part. I took pictures of the break and e-mailed them the next morning as they had requested. Several days went by - after a week and a half of calls and additional e-mails I finally got someone on the phone again. The party was now 3 days away. The Customer Service agent Brenda advised me that she could send out the part with 5 day shipping. I asked for quicker shipping to accommodate my event. She refused. I asked for a Supervisor - Mr. Lee. He explained that they had just received my pictures and he could not assist me with quicker shipping. When I told him the date I sent the pictures he said I was incorrect. I asked him to go to Brenda's desk and pull the e-mail. I was of course correct, but he refused to even apologize. Even though they had completely dropped the ball (I would have had the part in plenty of time had it been ordered when I sent the pics), he refused to help me in any way. He excused himself from the call while I was speaking to him and Brenda advised she had done all she could. What a horrible Customer service experience. I requested a contact for their home office and was told they could not provide anything. I feel completely unappreciated as a Customer and I hope no one ever has to deal with this type of treatment again. I will never buy anything from this company again.

  • ratingImage Soneque | Thu, 23 Aug, 2012

    I bought this unit on 8/3/12, it took me about 2 1/2 hours to put together.The instructions are very bad. but I managed to do it. Once together I fired up the infrared and try as I might it would not stay lit.After calling the company for help I was sent the whole valve unit. I replaced it and it worked once and then would not work again. after about an hour of trial and error I noticed the infrared unit would stay lit if i didnt have the front panal attached. so what I did was remove the silver knob backing it only has two screws once i removed the silver backing ( the peice thats behind the knob). and placed the front panal back on the unit stayed lit, and now I can cook on it. it seems the silver knob backing is just to thick and the knob wont stay in the "lit" position. this is a factory error. for all of you thats having this same issue. this should be a good fix . you wont have the silver part behind your knob but it will stay lit.

  • ratingImage Buffnav | Thu, 09 Aug, 2012

    Yes, plan at least 3 hours to put together. Great for first 2 weeks, then burners started acting up. First knob quit, then burner flow. Twelve months later I'm down to one burner. Hard to get the heat needed.

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