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  • ratingImage Jaybud | Tue, 16 Dec, 2014

    I have had mine for two years, and it rotted out, and now the griddles fall in. The heat shield pieces fell off this summer. I grill a lot, and take care of my stuff. Bad quality.

  • ratingImage Soneque | Thu, 25 Sep, 2014

    Its good looking and different because it carries both charcoal and gas. Everyone comments on it.

  • ratingImage seansellsflorida | Sat, 17 May, 2014

    I have had this grill for two years. The infrared burner has never worked. The interior of the gas portion is rotted beyond repair. Grill was always covered outdoors. Do not buy this grill.

  • ratingImage grannysgt | Sun, 27 Apr, 2014

  • ratingImage James1 | Sun, 27 Apr, 2014

  • ratingImage FairIsFair | Sun, 27 Apr, 2014

  • ratingImage tcarlson | Sat, 26 Apr, 2014

    the probe that goes over the burner was loose on the gas valve. tightened and works great

  • ratingImage fstforward | Mon, 08 Jul, 2013

    I have owned one of these grills for 2 years. While I love the dual fuel, the downside is rust. Friday I saw that the supports for the burner plates are rotted thru. This grill has ALWAYS been covered and cleaned after use. I now, after only 2 years, must go back into the sorting process to find a new grill, only this time, one of these will NOT be considered. They look great, work great(other than the fact you cannot choke the air off from the charcoal side to save charcoal), but they do not last. Structurally, they are junk.

  • ratingImage Grillforfun | Mon, 10 Jun, 2013

    I thought is was a good idea to have gas and charcoal in one box. It also was useful for large cookouts as I could fire up both at the same time. The Gas side would heat to 600+ making it a good choice for a great steak. However, this was offset with the fact that the firebox rusted out on the GAS side in less than two years. The metal around the gas controls on the inside have rusted to nothing. The structure holding up the burners have also rusted and are falling apart. I'd understand if the burners themselves were going and then I could replace them but I have nothing to mount them to..... Spend your money on something better.

  • ratingImage JRthecook | Sun, 17 Mar, 2013

    I read the reviews after purchasing the grill, and find some of the coments are quite skathing, but so far I only have good things to say. First the instructions were not too bad if you kept reviewing the parts list as some of the pieces had different titles than the instruction, took less than 3hrs to put together . parts lined up sometimes but once put together was quite sturdy, large enough as to not wanting to move around. I have used all three cooking units and found no problems(so far). Lights easily, heats up quickly, and cooks even and fast. I saw a competitors version in k mart (Kennmore), that was so flimsy and cheap and priced @ $399.00 and even if I only get a few years out of it will still be ahead. Make sure you get a good cover and cure the grill as specified in the instructions. Cannot wait till weather is better to get cooking more on the charcoal and smoke some foods.

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