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  • ratingImage Sleeplessinnewmexico | Fri, 07 Jun, 2013

    I've had this mattress for almost three months now. This would be an excellent mattress if it weren't for the fact that it made both me and my husband sweat at night! It is extremely comfortable in many ways. I have a chronic back condition and bad joints and the bed gives good support for these problems. I wasn't sure it was the bed at first (even though I've never suffered from night sweats before). I just came back from a vacation where I spent 10 days in a hotel. I didn't have any problems sweating in their bed, but as soon as I got home and slept in my Serta bed, I began to sweat immediately. It's too bad because I can't live with that. I'm sending it back.

  • ratingImage Fang | Tue, 23 Apr, 2013

    These are mattresses designed for hotel use and don't appear to have the same attention to detail as retail mattresses for the consumer. Sewing and stitching are more hap-hazard. Overall still a good value.

  • ratingImage dboo | Fri, 12 Apr, 2013

    I received my mattress monday april 1st. the best sleep i've had in a long time. I was very uneasy about ordering a mattress from a picture on the website but i did and it was really a good purchase.The mattress is the same mattress they sell on the hotel sites but sam's sells it two for the price of one you cannot beat that anywhere. I must say the sleep is incredible, if you are thinking about buying the two mattress don't think any longer it will be well worth it. And also i don't have anymore back pain.Give this mattress a try!

  • ratingImage wolftribe | Tue, 09 Apr, 2013

    found a friend to buy the other mattress so we both got a get deal love it

  • ratingImage mprcrone | Fri, 05 Apr, 2013

    My wife and I stayed at the MGM Las Vegas and were very pleased with the mattress set in the room. It was wonderful to say the least. Upon inspection we determined it was a Serta Presidential Suite mattress set. We knew then our next purchase of a mattress was going to be this set if it was affordable. Luckily, we could use two sets so purchasing a 2-pk was not a problem. The top mattress can be flipped when needed unlike so many other mattresses on the market nowadays. The cost per set is a great value.

  • ratingImage lorvoc | Sat, 02 Mar, 2013

    Decided to buy the Serta Presidential Suite Pillow-top after nearly paying 1800 dollars for a mattress a Mattress Warehouse. Thank Goodness we didn't, not only are these more comfortable, there are made with much higher quality than Sealy or Simmons, slightly firmer than expected but great for back support

  • ratingImage LukeD | Sat, 05 Jan, 2013

    The delivery service was professional and on time. The Bed is more firm than I had thought it would be but not uncomfortable. I thought the pillowtop would have a thick foam style finish but this is not a deal breaker because it does not feel uncomfortable with the material they did use. My wife and I sleep very well compared to other mattresses we have owned throughout the years. I flipped the mattress already and the quality is identical on both sides. I was surprised how you don't feel the other person's movement on the bed and how much support your back and neck get providing a deep sleep throughout the night.

  • ratingImage rhollautah | Fri, 28 Dec, 2012

    I've slept on many beds in my travels, but after getting the best nights rest I've ever had on this mattress at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas I had to have it in my home. Peeling off the sheets I discovered it was a Serta Presedential Suite. I ordered this as soon as I returned home. This is the premier mattress used at many 5 star resorts in their suites and now It is my very own. I love it. Coupled with the 50/50 down pillows I bought from the Cosmopolitan I have been able to recreate that wonderful nights rest in my own home. I did a lot of research only to find that the price for two of these is cheaper than I was able to find for one of them anywhere else so I bought them both here. What a great deal.

  • ratingImage Supersub | Thu, 19 Jul, 2012

    We were really uncomfortable buying a mattress sight unseen but we wanted one that could be flipped periodioclly. Based on good customer reviews and good research on mattresses that slept well in hotels we decided to give Sams Club a try and ordered the Presidential Suite. We could not be happier. We have had our best nights sleep in months. The set was delivered just as described with white glove service. Thank you SAMs Club

  • ratingImage SillySallySunshine | Sat, 19 May, 2012

    We bought the Serta Presidential Suite Pillowtop after having slept on one in the Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago...it's wonderful!!!! My husband and I both have back trouble, and most pain has been alleviated by sleeping on this new bed. Only problem is you have to buy a set of 2. But we found the price of one was much, much cheaper than other comparable beds. We actually tried another brand at another store (which had a 30 day guarantee) and had them take it back. One of our mattresses had a rip, but we are very happy with Sam's in getting the faulty one replaced.

  • ratingImage Nexttime | Wed, 04 Apr, 2012

    Very satisfied. Great quality and great price. Delivery was very professional and was included in price.

  • ratingImage jfinenurse | Wed, 28 Dec, 2011

  • ratingImage Obelvedere | Wed, 12 Oct, 2011

    I first slept on this mattress at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, and when I finally found someone else who needed a new mattress, I bought this 2 pack mattress set. The comfort level is everything I remembered, so I am definitely happy with my purchase. It's soft, but not too soft, so you get a nice supportive feeling without feeling like you are sinking. My only complaint is that it does make you feel a little hot. Surprisingly, my spouse, who runs hot, has not shared this opinion of mine. I'm wondering if I am influenced by a previous reviewer. The other couple who has this now also gave it a thumbs up, and I have not heard any complaints.

  • ratingImage BadDog4 | Wed, 10 Aug, 2011

    Quality of this mattress is excellent. Buying a set of two was no problem for me, as the mattresses I replaced were about 18 yrs old. The mattress is a little soft for me. So, if you are in the market for a real firm matress, then this mattress is not for you. The matress is very comfortable and contours to your body. That is the advantage of the 800 coils, verses 500+ in the retail mattresses. The quality of the material used is excellent. Guests I had over this past weekend loved it, and commented it was the best sleep they have had in a long time. Like the ability to flip the mattress as this feature will extend the matress life. Can't do that with the retail market mattresses. Delivery was excellent. Would I buy them again? Answer is yes!

  • ratingImage WorkingGirl | Mon, 18 Apr, 2011

    My husband and I slept on this mattress last year in a hotel in Chicago and both loved the mattress. Since it was a hotel line I had a hard time finding it but was completely worth the trouble. We have had it for a week now and it's great. Firm yet soft and no back pain. Nice too because the pillowtop is on both sides so it's flippable which is impossible to find anymore on the retail side. Only drawback was I had to buy 2 but a friend needed one too so we just split it and both got a great mattress for a low cost!

  • ratingImage MommaMia23 | Mon, 14 Mar, 2011

    For a couple of years my husband and I have known that we badly need a new mattress. We've had back aches and pains from sleeping on a 10 year old mattress. Every time we would stay in a motel and think the mattress was comfy we would take note but could never figure out where to buy one just like it until I stumbled across a website that mentioned Sams sells this. We have also tried out different mattresses at furniture stores and nothing ever seemed to feel right. When I read that this mattress was the same one that we had been getting good night sleep in various hotels we decided to throw caution to the wind after reading all of the raving reviews and without testing it out and order it online. Tonight will be my third night sleeping on this cloud of comfort. It is so absolutely wonderfully comfortable - firm yet cushy- I can't wait to go to bed tonight. The only thing I would caution is that these mattresses are high - I'm 5'7 and I almost have to take a running leap to get on the bed....ok, it's not quite that bad but when I stand next to the bed the top of the mattress is almost to my waist. We can lower our frame and we plan to do that soon. I have never written a review for anything but I feel so happy with our mattresses (yes, they come in a pack of two which makes the price very reasonable) that I just had to write. The only one slight thing I noticed was that the stitching on a part of the mattress was loose but I think that is extremely minor. I almost forgot to add - our backs feel GREAT!

  • ratingImage violetcrown | Tue, 08 Mar, 2011

    I slept on this mattress in a hotel in California and I've been dreaming of owning it ever since. Well, it finally arrived and I am a little irked over something I should have noticed before buying a hotel mattress. The fireproofing chemicals produce a climate of unbreatheability in the pillowtop surface. I was so hot all night long, constantly shifting my position to find a cool spot. This will not work for me and I am returning it ASAP!

  • ratingImage CharlieG | Wed, 02 Feb, 2011

    Very good mattress used by Spring Hill Suites. We had one on our vacation were very comfortable.

  • ratingImage Electroman | Wed, 02 Feb, 2011

    Very high quality product. Very comfortable, with European type pillow top on both sides. Has labels sewn on to keep track of when you need to flilp or turn the mattress - every 90 days.

  • ratingImage Adirondacker | Mon, 17 Jan, 2011

    I was very apprehensive about buying a mattress (let alone 2) without laying down on it first. What's one of the best things about the internet though ? - "REVIEWS". You can trust your fellow man and I did on this one. I've had the mattress for a month now and I'm thrilled with the quality, the value and most of all the comfort of this mattress set. Pleasingly firm, but very soft and cushy on top, perfect. I'm sleeping more soundly than I ever have. The pillowtop on both sides of the mattress should double the life of this mattress and I happen to need two sets so that was a plus. Go to your local Sams and lay down on a pillowtop and if you like the feel, this is the best deal you can get (for 2). Be prepared for a high bed - it's 23.5" for the set. Someone mentioned the smell of the firestop. I noticed it, but the noticable odor was gone a day after unpackaging.

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